Most wanted facial in Atlanta

Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial, for all skin types

The Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial is a non-invasive method of skin cleansing and rejuvenation with the use of diamond tips and built in vacuum. This facial will remove acne scars, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, smooth skin tone, cleanse skin from dead cells, eliminate pigmented spots, help to boost collagen production, stimulates skin metabolism, and skin rejuvenation and repair processes. 1 Facial 45 minute for 1-$79, 

Ultrasonic Facial 

Cleansing and gentle exfoliation with Diamond micodermabrasion, using massage with Ultrasonic Machine to penetrate the face deeper lift and tone the skin. Get your collagen increase rejuvenate the muscles of the face. Finishing with a Masque . 


Anti-Aging Facial

Try our Anti-Aging Facial regularly to help keep your skin looking fresh, smooth, and youthful. This facial includes exfoliation,moisturizing and a gentle massage to improve circulation using ultrasound therapy and release tension on your face. Our products target mature and aging skin, which makes a significant difference. 75 minute 1-$125, package of 3-$219

​​Anti-aging Facial,dermablading, diamond Microdermabrasion,  Oily and acne Facial Treatments

Dermablading  Facial

Removing by shaving the skin surface, removing top layer of dead skin. Vellus hair(facial hair), provides deeper product penetration leaving your skin  smooth and glowing.

Dermablading session:

cleansing, toning Dermablading, collagen mask​. 1-$55

PCA skin Chemical Peel and dermablading:

cleansing, toning, chemical peel, moisturizing 



Mimi's Express Facial

cleaning, and exfoliating using PCA skin products professional skincare line get better results and get you skin smooth, glowing.30 minute  1$45

Mimi's Spa - Facial, Facial Keep Face Hydrated and Moisture

​​​Acne Treatment

This facial is good for problematic skin. This facial exfoliating, removing all dead skin cells. Using High Frequency to shrink pores and  electromagnetic waves to prevent stubborn acne and cleanse the  pores. 60 minute 1-$65, package 

Teen Facial 

s​team the face, gentle Exfoliation and high frequency to kill bacteria.30 minutes for 1-$45, package for 3-$119

Oxygen Infusion Facial, for skin types 

The Oxygen Infusion Facial promotes collagen production, speeds cell turnover, and helps detox the skin exfoliate with diamond microdermabersion. higher weight serum spreading the serum.This facial also rejuvenates dull skin, aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and helps clear acne. 75 minutes for 1-$160, package 3-$320.


Deep Cleaning Facial

Cleaning with steamer, chemical exfoliating with blackhead removal if need, high frequency kill bacteria finish with a Hydration Mask. 60 minute-$85